Dr. Marco Rizzuti

Dr. Marco Rizzuti


Marco Rizzuti (born in 1985) is Researcher of Private Law at the University of Florence (Italy), where in 2013 he received his PhD. He passed the Italian Bar Exam in 2012 and got his Qualification for Professorship of Private Law in 2017. He teaches Private Law, Third Sector Law, and Family & Successions Law at the Law School of the University of Florence.

He was Visiting Researcher at the University of Cologne (Germany) with a DAAD Scholarship. He cooperated with two Research Projects on transnational families and successions law, funded by the DG Justice of the EU Commission (for details see

He authored 3 books and more than 120 contributions in the matters of Contract Law, Family & Successions Law, and Bio-Law. His volume on polygamy has been the first one about this issue in the Italian-language legal literature.

He has been a speaker in more than 150 seminars and conferences, at home and abroad. He is in the editorial board or referee committee of domestic and international scientific journals. He is a member of domestic and international academies or scientific societies.

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